A paradise island in the Andaman Sea, has Thailand's most beautiful beaches. Phuket is a perfect place for your luxurious vacation, pampering you with many of the high-end resorts, island tours, water activities, spas, and restaurants that serve mouth-watering delicacies. On the day of your arrival to Phuket, you can go to the Tiger Kingdom, where you can see those big yellow and black striped cats up close and personal, and it's on the way to your hotel at Patong Beach from Phuket International Airport. Apart from your fantastic stay on the Phuket Island, you can take exciting speedboat trips to nearby beautiful tropical islands such as Phi Phi Island, and the famous James Bond Island! If you are looking to have a fun night out, Bangla Road is your stop. The Bangla Road comes to life after sunset and it is a very friendly and fun place to walk around as you can see pubs, street performances, restaurants and more!

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