Ground Handling

MNA’s mission is to have a world class customer service and safety culture. Standardized processes are in place to ensure all MNA colleagues remain focused on the customer service and safety culture at all times. All colleagues will hold each other accountable to follow and embrace the MNA Mission.

The MNA message is simple: Provide the best customer service in a safe manner every day.

Myanmar National Airlines provides 24/7 support services for all 27 domestic airports. Support includes:

  • Ramp services
  • Passenger services
  • Airport lounge support
  • Meet and Greet support
  • Load control & operations services
  • Catering arrangements
  • Fueling arrangements
  • Cargo support
  • Private aviation arrangements
  • Charter services

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Services for Customer Airlines

  1. Air China
  2. China Air
  3. China Eastern Airlines
  4. China Southern Airlines
  5. India Airlines
  6. Korean Airlines
  7. NOK Air
  8. NOVO Air
  9. Vietnam Airlines
  10. Qatar Airways
  11. Thai Air Asia

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