Please provide the information below to get checked in for your flight:

Booking Reference: Last Name:

Web & Mobile Check-In is only available for domestic flights from RGN, MDL and NYT airports. (Learn more)

Check-In Instructions:

  1. Enter your PNR and Last Name, and accept the Terms and Conditions listed below to continue.
  2. Review your flight itinerary and select your seats.
  3. Confirm your NRC (or Passport) and Nationality.
  4. Click the CHECK IN button.
  5. View / Print your Boarding Pass.

For web check-in, bring a hard copy of your printed boarding pass with you to the airport.  If you do not have a printed copy of your Boarding Pass, then please report to the Web Check-In Counter at the airport to collect your Boarding Pass.

Report to boarding gate 15 minutes before departure time. MNA may offload any passenger who is late reporting to the boarding gate.

If you have a connecting flight to other destination, please report to airport check-in counter for onwards flight.

Airlines have authority to offload any passenger providing fake or inaccurate NRC/ Passport data.

Checked Bags

If you have no bags to check then you can proceed directly to the boarding gate with your self-printed Boarding Pass.

If you need to check bags, then please proceed to the web check-in counter at the airport. (check-in counter closes 30 minutes before departure for domestic flights)

Security and Restricted Baggage Items:

  1. These are your bags and you did pack them yourself.
  2. These bags been in your possession since you packed them.
  3. You know the contents of everything in your baggage.
  4. You are not carrying anything for anyone else.
  5. Your bag does not contain any dangerous or flammable items such as lighters, matches or aerosol.
  6. Liquids, aerosols or gels in containers greater than 1OOml are NOT PERMITTED in your cabin baggage.
  7. Sharp items such as knives, scissors or nail files are NOT PERMITTED in your cabin baggage.